The Frontrunner For The Next Majority Leader Has An Incredible Instagram


Meet Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the frontrunner for the next majority leader in the house.

He has 12,000 followers on Instagram.

That is because he is really freaking good at Instagram.

Here he is with Capitol Police.

McCarthy is expert at the creep shot.

Searching for Flight 370, etc.

McCarthy has arguably the strongest #tbt game in Congress.

Want that shirt.

He and his wife are adorbs.

Coconut adorbs.

Mullet adorbs.

He used to have a really bad moustache...

... but he totally owns it.

Also has a strong fatherhood #tbt game.

I mean...

This is how he enters the House floor for debate.

How he gets back to California on the weekends.

He has a dog and he gives him cigars.

McCarthy here, meeting with current GOP leadership.

McCarthy, encouraging his congressional colleagues to be more YOLO.

He has hung out with Harry Potter.

He actually trained Frank Underwood.

He made the Supreme Court look cool for the first time in history.

He took this pic ... *mic drop*

The most interesting Congressman on Instagram.

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