The 23 Most YOLO Moments In Politics For 2013

Oh, you beautiful politicians.

1. Edward Snowden: For stealing secrets from the most powerful people in the world.

2. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa: For using this much tongue on a dog.

3. President Obama: For pulling the trigger on even when it was far from operational.


4. John Boehner: For shutting down the government with a fist pump.

And all the insane tourists who defied federal orders.

And if you ask Boehner if the shutdown was YOLO enough, he will say:

5. Sunny Obama: For giving us the greatest political photo of the year.

6. George W. Bush: For teaching us the greatest dance moves, ever.

7. Rep. Thomas Massie: For taking the bravest congressional selfie of all.

The "Currently in an Important Hearing" selfie.

He also looks super YOLO if you put him in a Harry Potter costume.

8. Harry Reid: For going nuclear.

9. Rand Paul: For appearing on two different cable news shows at the same time wearing different clothes.

10. The House stenographer: For snapping and being escorted from the floor during votes.

11. Ted Cruz: For reading his girls a bedtime story on the Senate floor.

12. Rep. Alan Grayson: For insinuating that MSNBC host Martin Bashir was collaborating with the tea party.

After he sent this out in a fundraising email.

13. Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt: For taking the selfie that rocked the world.

14. Rep. Tim Griffin: For using a shooting at the Capitol to put some blame on Democrats.

15. Fainting Red Dress Girl: For proving how Obamacare works.

16. Rep. Keith Ellison: For accusing Sean Hannity of "yellow journalism" on his own show.

17. Sen. McCaskill: For tweeting these before and after shots of this pig.

And making vegans everywhere go:

18. Bill Clinton: For a photobomb that made the inauguration special.

And staying interested for the whole performance.

19. Rep. Steve Stockman: For his energy policy.

20. Anthony Weiner: For deciding to run for mayor.

Never forget the spectacle that was his concession speech.

21. Rep. Trey Gowdy: For his YOLO hair.

Which has been inspirational in its own right.

22. Rep. Trey Radel: For going full YOLO.

23. Rob Ford: For everything he ever did, ever.

And coming at us like a wrecking ball.

HONORABLE MENTION: Minority leaders in both houses tweeting from unique locations.

And the least YOLO moment goes to Rep. George Holding...

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