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19 Last-Minute Christmas Presents You Can Only Buy From The Government

Who knew!?

Last updated on December 23, 2013, at 10:44 a.m. ET

Posted on December 23, 2013, at 10:44 a.m. ET

Your friendly federal government auction site wants to stock you up with last-minute, unique Christmas SWAG for your loved ones!

1. Do you need your own CH-47D Chinook?

You could have Christmas dinner in one of these bad boys!

Look at that tail feather!


*Might take some time to wrap*

Only 3 million bucks!

2. That chopper too big for you? Try this one!


Think of how much fun you and your friends will be having in this baby!

"Ooh look at that!"

For the price of an iPhone.

3. Want to get a boat for your dad?


Look at that captains chair and stove!

$140K is a bit high-end, but YOLO!

4. Need some fresh bling for a significant other?

*don't ask where they got it.

*don't ask where they got it.


The federal government's got bling in all shapes and sizes.


5. IPod nano for the cousin?


A steal!

6. Xbox 360: still a pretty cool present for your little sibling.


7. Want some TV SWAG?

That's like a quarter of the retail price.

There are some lesser models available too.

Reflection of the government employee taking the photo sold separately.

I'm sure the dust will wash off easily.

Pretty CHEAP.


8. An examination table for the weirdo in the family!

No questions asked!

The creepiest 25 bucks you will spend this holiday.


9. What grandfather does not want his own bulldozer?

$13K is a bit pricey, but think of the damage he could do!

10. What dad would not want this old-timey tractor?

PERFECT for your favorite Schnauzbart!

$732! Your dad will love you!


11. No man is an island right? But what if you owned your own island?!

Like you have to take a boat out to it and everything.

What is up?! You could throw legendary ragers in here!


$25K is really not that much for your own island.

12. Want your own building on an Air Force base?

"Ooh, mysterious!"

Comes with some partial office equipment-ish!



13. Have any of your family members ever wanted their own Social Security building?!

They can get this one in Dallas and be as social and secure as they want!


It comes with its own bus stop and look at that view!

$1 people.

14. Any Breaking Bad fans in your family? You can buy Hank Schrader's house!

Or at least something that looks like it.

Or at least something that looks like it.

It has really high ceilings and a fireplace!


$120K is a steal!

15. How about an old fire truck for the collector in your family?

Zoom. Zoom.

Imagine rolling through town in this sucker.


16. Do you know what will go great with that fire truck? A giant "pile of fire extinguishers."

No, but, like, what?

17. Do you have a family member who loves jury duty? Get them their own jury chair!

Who says $5 can't buy you happiness?


18. Brand-new BlackBerry?

Might come with an NSA tap though.

Might come with an NSA tap though.

A bit overpriced.

19. Or if a BlackBerry just isn't outdated enough for you...