Mitt Romney Has The Same Problems We All Have Flying Coach

Air Force Fun.

Airport sightings of Mitt Romney are through the roof right now.

I'm stalking you at the airport right now :) @MittRomney

As are creepshot selfies with him.

Romney goes through security just like you.

Just chatted w/Mitt Romney at Logan Airport in the security line, what a humble, friendly gentleman.

He sits, bored out of his mind, waiting for the flight.

Shook hands and spoke with Mitt Romney at Salt Lake Airport. #veryapprochable #waitingalldaywiththerestofus

But did you know Romney flies coach just like you?!

He experiences terrible elbow room, just like you do.

My moms selfie with Mitt Romney #worldclasstraveler

He looks nervously at who is about to sit next to him.

He passes out with his pink iPad on his lap, just like you do.

Mitt Romney is a mouth breather, based on this creepy picture my sister just sent me from her plane.

Sometimes he scores an exit row...

...or an aisle seat...

Just sat next to @MittRomney on my flight to SLC. I tried not to bug him, but he was nice to snap this photo w/ me.

...but other times he gets the damn middle seat.

Sat next to nice guy @MittRomney on way to #NGIMeetUp Enjoyed discussion and he even had the middle seat in coach

But hey, cool people sit in coach all the time.

And in coach, what are the odds! "@MittRomney: @zachbraff may the odds be ever in your favor. "

When he can't help himself, he sits in first class.

Dad just chilling with Mitt Romney in first class lol

But then he just hops off the flight...

So I got a selfie with Mitt Romney.

...and waits for his ride, just like you.

Thanks @MittRomney for taking a picture with us! #saltlakeairport #usubasketball

Happy trails, Mitt.

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