Margaret Thatcher's 19 Most Badass Moments

She is certainly not for turning.

19. When she rode on a tank near Communist-controlled East Germany.

18. When she was elected to Parliament in 1959. The body was only 4% women at the time.

17. When she declared that she would not budge on her political convictions.

16. When she was one of only a few conservatives to support the decriminalization of homosexuality in the U.K. in 1966.

15. When she became the U.K.'s first female prime minister in 1979.

14. When she claimed her own at the White House.

13. When she managed to raise twins — as she gained substantial political power — and was regularly home "in time to do the washing up."

12. When she called out her socialist opponents.

11. When she destroyed her critics on the Parliament floor.

10. When she made the blue power suit iconic.

9. When GDP rose +23.3 under her three terms as prime minister.

8. When she helped defeat the Soviet Union.

7. When she was not afraid to be the most powerful woman in the world.

6. When she had this photo taken on Abbey Road.

5. When she declared her opinion on increased EU power.

4. When she was elected three times to lead a political body of men who regularly mocked her for being a woman.

3. When she defined a political ideology for a generation.

2. When Meryl Streep played her in a movie called The Iron Lady.

Oh, and the term "Iron Lady" came from a Soviet defense newspaper describing her in 1976.

1. And if you watch only one 50-second clip of her, WATCH THIS:

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