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It Was A Huge Mistake Not To Invite Chris Christie To CPAC


Posted on March 14, 2013, at 3:53 p.m. ET

Conservatives did not appreciate Chris Christie's photo-ops with President Obama right before the 2012 election.

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But is was a mistake to leave him off of the Conservative Political Action Conference speakers list.


Christie has some undeniable things going for him that many top Republicans do not:

15. Like a sense of humor.

14. And real star power.


No way.


Ooh, that guy.

He is squeezing Bon Jovi's cheeks!

13. Christie has some awesome #SWAG.

12. He is an awesome meme generator.

11. He has been on the frontline for conservatism on many popular shows.

10. Fashion editors love to nitpick his apparel.

9. Christie is a social media BOSS.


8. And he is in charge of a place with this bridge.

7. People pay attention to him on an international level.

Sebastian Scheiner / AP

6. And he is perfect for headlines.

5. He is tough on the media.

4. And even though the media likes to make fun of him...

...He actually kind of intimidates them.

3. And that's why Time magazine gave him this cover:

2. His CPAC speech would surely have been very critical of the President...

...and guaranteed the event media attention.

1. The CPAC crowd would have said:

So conservatives say to CPAC: Y U NO LIKE CHRIS CHRISTIE?

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