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22 Reasons To Love Richard Nixon On His 100th Birthday

No haters!

Posted on January 9, 2013, at 6:33 p.m. ET

1. He got beer poured on his head after the Angels won their first ever division title.

2. He had saucy 'Nixonette' singers for campaign stops.

3. He was dapper in the Navy!

4. He loved football (can you find him?)




5. He even played it in the White House!

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6. He invented the fist-pump.

Ed Clark/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

7. He looked boss in a fedora.

8. He loved dogs.


9. He had a beautiful family.


10. He used helpful visual aids.

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11. And he hung out with Johnny Cash.

Ollie Atkins/ The White House

"Walk the line."

Ollie Atkins/ The White House

12. He met Elvis.

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And Elvis showed off his cufflinks-

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Nixon loved them!

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13. Then Nixon deputized Elvis as a U.S. Marshal!

No seriously, he did.
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No seriously, he did.

14. He can roll.


15. He loved America's pastime.

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16. And yo-yo!

17. He told the Soviets whats-what.

18. He played piano.

Image Donated by Corbis-Bettmann

19. He kicked ass in a swimsuit.

20. He helped open a Disneyland monorail.

Getty Ralph Crane//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

21. He could snack with chop sticks.

So, he may sweat too much.

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He may have left office in scandal.

22. But Nixon lived a fascinating life.

23. So Happy 100th Birthday!

Photo: Nixon and Checkers. (Washington Post)