20 Somewhat Disturbing Targets You Can Buy At The NRA Convention

Ready, aim...

These targets are on display at the OPSGEAR booth and some can be ordered online.

20. "Zombie Robber Target."

19. Hipster with gun.

18. Afghan man with gun.

17. Man holding child hostage.

16. Very suave robber.

15. Zombie horde.

14. NYC Subway rider.

13. Indie guitarist/ Robber.

12. American History X.

11. Man with a wristwatch.

10. Zombie romance.

9. Nazi General Zombie + brain.

8. Nazi Solder Zombie + brain.

7. More zombies.

6. Vital organs man.

5. Vital organs woman.

4. Harry from Home Alone.

3. "Dirty Dozen."

2. The three piece suit robber.

1. The school shooter who likes the vikings.

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