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19 Things Mitt Romney Did In 2013 Instead Of Being President

Not being president.

Posted on December 10, 2013, at 2:39 p.m. ET

19. He took his wife and grandkids on vacation and wore a hat.

18. Posted this old photo of his wedding.

17. When asked what cartoon character he would be, he said Spiderman.

16. Hung out with Rick Perry and his hipster glasses.

15. Celebrated his 66th birthday with a hat and cupcakes.

14. Went to a Jets game with Dick Cheney and Rudy Giuliani.

13. Rode in this car with Jay Leno.

12. Had Jake Tapper take a photo for him while being photobombed by a statue.

11. Welcomed his 22nd grandchild.

10. Made a burrito with Rachel Ray.

9. Ate Marshmallow Fluff on TV.

8. Signed a wall at CBS.

7. BLASTED this lil' punk with water.

6. Helped administer an eye exam in Peru.

5. Made a dessert with tousled hair.

4. Then stood on a cliff with tousled hair.

3. Took his grandkids go-karting in the desert.

2. Made ice cream by hand for children.

1. He helped promote Ann's new cookbook that encourages sledding with children.

More sledding with children.

His kids were busy too! His son Josh rescued four people from a car crash.

Via Twitter: @joshromney

Then took this smiling picture next to the wreckage.

And his other son, Tagg, cleaned his mantle with Adam Sandler.

And that was Mitt Romney's life in 2013.