Chinese Internet Has A Lot Of Feelings About Donald Trump's Presidential Run

"The realization of Chinese Dream depends on this dude getting elected."

Donald Trump has been gaining fame across the globe since the day he announced his run for president. In China, though, the first reaction was a very understandable one: who the hell is this guy?

They ask because Chinese people definitely pay attention to American elections, with news broadcasts of events like last night's debate airing with Chinese subtitles.

Weibo user "Coke Prevents Osteoporosis" provided a quick reference point for the unaware: "You can treat him as the American Chen Guangbiao." He's referring to a self-claimed Chinese philanthropist who attempted to buy the New York Times last year.

This is Chen. He's known by everyone in China, just like Trump is in the United States. And yep, you totally get the same vibe right away.

And of course nobody can resist making jokes about The Donald's hair. Nobody. Even across the ocean.

Weibo user "Jiang Jiuli" noted, "I thought his hair was pixelated?"

But given how many times Trump has brought up China during his campaign so far, they definitely have more insights to share about him than the state of his hair.

Chinese netizens counted and screen-grabbed images of him talking about China 23 times during his president campaign announcement.

User "Can't Shake My Fringe In A Cool Way" joked that George W. Bush is thinking, "please win the election, because then I can get rid of the name as the dumbest president in American history."

"If he gets elected I will have to migrate back to China, because the United States would be doomed," one user wrote.

But make no mistake: Donald Trump totally loves China.

And China is loving him back. Sort of. "I kinda hope he gets elected, because he will bring the U.S. many troubles."

Especially when he says things like this, which leave many Chinese listeners extremely confused.

But did we mention that he's achieved the best thing a western celebrity can in China – getting a Chinese nickname? He's known there as "Donald Breaking Bed," since his family name – "Trump" — sounds coincidently like "a bed breaks" in Chinese.

When it comes down to it, much like America, China isn't really sure what to think of The Donald.

Despite his bombast, some believe he's proving that the system works. "Yang Jie NYC" said, "Donald Breaking Bed proves that no matter how a scene is being made in the political circle, great democracy system doesn't have to worry about going wrong."

Some users couldn't stand him blasting Megyn Kelly during last night's debate and criticized, "he doesn't even have the basic respect for other people and dream of being American president?"

And there's people like this guy who suspects Trump is actually a senior intelligence agent sent secretly by China's Communist Party.

Others suggest he join China's most popular comedy show because his "standup comedy is just brilliant."

To carry on his career with this guy.

Many agree with this user, who believes "if this dude gets elected, the Chinese Dream will be hopefully realized soon..."

But most people are like this user: "I don't care about American politics but I just really like such a character full of entertainment spirit. If he gets elected, he really will 'entertain the world all day long'."

So on behalf of China, good luck, Mr. Trump.

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