Here's Who Is And Isn't Publishing The New Charlie Hebdo Cover Image

Libération, the newspaper where Charlie Hebdo staff have been working since the attack, unveiled the cover of the magazine's next edition on Monday. Some news outlets have been censoring themselves when it comes to publishing cartoons of Muhammad after the deadly Paris attack last week.

1. Libération: Yes.

2. CNN: No.

3. CBS News: Yes.

4. The Guardian: Yes.

5. Wall Street Journal: Yes.

6. NBC News: No.

7. Mashable: No.

8. The Daily Beast: Yes.

9. BBC: No.

10. AFP/Yahoo: Yes.

11. Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Yes.

12. USA Today: Yes.

13. Business Insider: Yes.

14. NPR: No.

15. Washington Post: Yes.

16. New York Times: No.

17. Los Angeles Times: Yes.

18. The Blaze: Yes.

19. The Telegraph: No.

20. Daily Mail: No.

21. Huffington Post: Yes.

22. Mic: Yes.

23. Fox News: Yes.

24. New York Post: Yes.

25. And lastly, BuzzFeed: Yes.

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