The 44 Most Stunning Book Covers Of 2019

The kind of covers you want to frame.

The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray
Design: Emily Osborne
Art: Alice Lindstrom

We Cast a Shadow by Maurice Carlos Ruffin
Design: Rodrigo Corral

Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi
Design: Helen Yentus

The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson
Design: Helen Crawford-White

The Old Drift by Namwali Serpell
Design: Kai and Sunny

Life Support: 100 Poems to Reach for on Dark Nights edited by Julia Copus
Design: Helen Crawford-White

The Collected Schizophrenias by Esmé Weijun Wang
Design: Kimberly Glyder

The Crying Book by Heather Christie
Design: Nicole Caputo

The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Art: Calida Garcia Rawles
Design: Greg Mollica

In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado
Art: Alex Eckman-Lawn
Design: Kimberly Glyder by Nathan Englander
Design: Tyler Comrie

The Topeka School by Ben Lerner
Design: Rodrigo Corral

The Summer of Dead Birds by Ali Liebegott
Art: Ali Liebegott
Design: Suki Boynton

Very Nice by Marcy Dermansky
Art: Justin Metz
Design: Janet Hansen

The Tradition by Jericho Brown
Art: L. Ralphi Burgess ("You’re in the Middle of the World")

Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips
Design: Janet Hansen

The Book of X by Sarah Rose Etter
Art: Paw Grabowski

The Body in Question by Jill Ciment
Art: Cody Comrie
Design: Janet Hansen

Speaking of Summer by Kalisha Buckhanon
Design: Jaya Miceli

The Mutations by Jorge Comensal
Design: Rodrigo Corral

Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James
Art: Pablo Gerardo Camacho
Design: Helen Yentus

Tears of the Trufflepig by Fernando A. Flores
Design: Na Kim

How to Make Friends With the Dark by Kathleen Glasgow
Art: Anders Rokkum
Design: Jennifer Heuer

Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey
Design: Will Staehle

The Travelers by Regina Porter
Design: Michael Morris

Patsy by Nicole Dennis-Benn
Lettering: Sarahmay Wilkinson
Design: Steve Attardo

The Besieged City by Clarice Lispector
Design: Paul Sahre

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams
Art: Gerrel Saunders
Design: Donna Cheng

Soft Science by Franny Choi
Art: James Jean

Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss
Design: Alex Merto

On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong
Photograph: Sam Contis
Design: Darren Haggar

Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson
Art: Christian Northeast
Design: Allison Saltzman

Look How Happy I'm Making You by Polly Rosenwaike
Art: Alex Katz
Design: Emily Mahon

Rag by Maryse Meijer
Design: Na Kim

The Unpassing by Chia-Chia Lin
Design: June Park

The White Death: An Illusion by Gabriel Urza
Design: Joan Wong

The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa
Design: Tyler Comrie

Dead Astronauts by Jeff VanderMeer
Design: Rodrigo Corral

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker
Design: Anna Kochman

The World Doesn't Require You by Rion Amilcar Scott
Art: Fahamu Pecou
Design: Laywan Kwan

Humiliation by Paulina Flores
Design: Nicole Caputo

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