16 Signs The BuzzFeed Book Club Was Made For You

A place for booklovers, by booklovers.

1. Your to-read pile is forever growing...but you're still always looking for a good rec.

2. You've canceled plans so you can read.

3. Or so you can reorganize your bookshelf.

4. And your dream date is...well...

5. You understand that there is no anger like that caused by someone talking to you even though you are HOLDING AND READING AN OPEN BOOK.

6. Some might say you have too many books, but honestly you just feel bad for those people.

7. When you're reading an amazing book it sort of becomes a new crush: You insert it into any and all conversations, you find yourself drifting off into daydreams about it, and being apart from it feels like torture.

8. And you basically need recovery time after finishing one.

9. You bring a book or e-reader with you whenever you leave the house.

10. Being asked what your favorite book is can short-circuit your brain, but you still love trying to figure out the answer.

11. You have a library card. There are people who don't?

13. You have very, very, very strong book opinions.

14. You genuinely can't imagine reading not being part of your life.

15. And you love finding someone else who gets it.

16. And the idea of finding a community of people reading and discussing books together sounds like a little bit of heaven.

We get it. ~Join us.~