It's 95 Degrees. Here's How To Stay Cute.

Your Another Round friends are here to help you take over summer '17!

Our friends and BuzzFeed beauty experts Essence Gant and Patrice Peck stopped by on Facebook Live this week to share their tips for staying cute in the summer heat, and we learned so much!

You might remember Essence from her appearance on Another Round last year! 💅🏾

Essence kicked it off with a two puff hair tutorial. She said it's great for keeping thick hair out of your face and off your neck on hot days.

The key is to always keep hair ties on your wrist so that you can pull up your puffs at any given moment. She said you don't even need a comb because your part doesn't have to be super even.

Fluff it up, Essence, fluff it up!

Patrice followed up with a quick headwrap demo that can work for almost any hairstyle.

Start by placing the wrap at the back of your head and pull one side out longer than the other.

Twist, twist, twist the long side and wrap it around your head, and tuck it to keep it in place.

Ayyye, we made it! Patrice's headwrap is from Royal House of Wraps, BTW.

Next, they put us onto some very important makeup tips. Just because it's 95 degrees outside doesn't mean you can't stay cute, amirite?!

Essence said she applies minimal foundation when the weather is warm. She told us that, “In the summer, I don’t put on a lot of foundation, because I just don’t want a lot of stuff on my face.”

Patrice's summer beauty go-to is bold, bright colors. She said that summer events like music festivals are a good opportunity to experiment with bright colors and designs.

To add an extra flair to her ~lewk~, she applied a few dots on her forehead and under each eye.

And just an FYI, Patrice reminded us all that sweat is normal! It's summer, you're human, so just embrace it.

On an ending style note, Essence showed us how to take a shirt from workplace ~meh~ to after-work happy hour ~Yaaas!~

Grab a bunch in the middle of your shirt and start twisting it around itself. Wrap the tail around like a knot, and pull it through the middle. Tuck the rest of the tail under the knot for a rose effect!

Voila, you have a crop top!

Essence and Patrice's most important tip, though, was to do what makes you feel great—no matter what your skin tone, body type, or hair texture is!

See their full summer hack tutorial below.

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