Another Round, Episode 62: Put Your Mask On First

Tichina Arnold (Survivor's Remorse, Everybody Hates Chris) talks about black motherhood, cops, self-care, and the Martin reunion that almost happened.

Tichina Arnold has brought some of the best comedic acting TV has ever seen ever since she busted out on the scene in Tracy's all time fave show Martin.

Jared Harrell / BuzzFeed News

Now Tichina plays Cassie Calloway on Starz's Survivor's Remorse. She talks to us about black motherhood not just on TV but in the real world today which if you've read any headline recently you know is not easy.

To better understand why Martin is such an important show (and to understand how deep Tracy's knowledge of the show is) make sure to look at Tracy's Martin-related articles.

The hilarious Sylvia Obell rejoins us this week as guest host. And it was the perfect week since we know she's the resident Kardashian expert and this week things WENT DOWN.

yall are too quick 😂 #TaylorSwift #KimExposedTaylorParty

So naturally Sylvia bought a round for Kim K.

Tracy bought a round for one of her favorite musical groups, duo J*DaVeY.

J*DaVeY / Via Twitter: @WEareJDaVeY

Listen to her favorite J*DaVeY song "No More," and check out more of their music on Spotify.

The usual business:

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This episode features music from Donwill (follow him on Twitter) and Jean Grae.