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13 Surreal Things That Can Happen When You Become Part Of The Art

Touch the artworks all you want.

Posted on March 10, 2015, at 2:57 a.m. ET

3D museum Art In Island has just opened in Manila, Philippines and this camera-crazed nation is losing its mind.

1. Like this little girl trapped in a bottle.

Aaron Favila / AP

2. Or this man totally perving Marilyn Monroe.

Aaron Favila / AP

3. This woman getting in the way of a perfect swing.

Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

4. And this man repainting Da Vinci's masterpiece.

Aaron Favila / AP

5. Get swallowed by a monster fish, why not?

Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

6. Take pictures while your friends are clearly on the brink of death.

Aaron Favila / AP

7. You can also run them over by rampaging chariot, because why not.

Aaron Favila / AP

8. Partake in Van Gogh's imagination.

Aaron Favila / AP

9. Come this close to a dinosaur's wrath.

...and smell his awful breath.

10. Or be licked in the ass by this unusually tame tiger.

11. Throw your friends into a ditch.

13. And at the end of it all, doze off into the deep blue like any mermaid would.