Why Is This Stock Video Of A Small Child Waving An American Flag In So Many Campaign Ads?

So patriotic, yet so troubled. This post will continue to be updated as the child is used in ads. Updated to include a brief interview with the boy's father at the bottom.

The video from these ads can be found on Shutterstock, a stock video website. It is called "young boy waving flag, slow motion."

And he's in a TON of political ads. The ads are mostly Republican, it seems.

Rick Perry presidential PAC, 1:00 in.

Scott Walker's "Our American Revival" PAC's debut ad, at 1:36.

Ben Carson's presidential announcement video, at 3:57.

"Carly for America" PAC's debut ad, 31 seconds into the video.

The SuperPAC supporting George Pataki's presidential campaign:

Rick Santorum's PAC, 22 seconds in.

Catholics for Romney-Ryan's 2012 ad. Virtually the entire ad is just this boy waving the flag.

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Marco Rubio's 2010 Senate ad, at 22 seconds.

The FreedomWorks Matt Bevin for Senate ad, at 23 seconds.

The FreedomWorks Ted Cruz for Senate ad, at 14 seconds.

The Citizens for the Republic ad, "Mourning in America," at 58 seconds.

Bob Barr for Congress, at 12 seconds.

Steve Womack for Congress' "Flag," beginning of the ad.

Scott Brown's 2014 Senate ad at 1:30.

Update: A brief interview on the identity of the American flag-waving child:

Daniel Hurst, a videographer and photographer who operates the stock footage company VIA Films noted the child in the ads is his son.

"I shot this video of my son a few years back. Stock video is used in ads all the time, I really don't think this is anything unusual," Hurst said. "I have had the same shots used my multiple tv manufacturers for example— it happens all the time in stock photo/video."

"He has never been recognized on the street, but family and friends are always seeing my wife and kids in various commercials," added Hurst. "I have no idea why any particular party would use this shot more than others."

Hurst's footage has been used in a Super Bowl commercials and numerous other commercials among the spots his work has been featured.

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