Watch Two Alaska Republican Senate Candidates Discuss Impeaching Obama

Joe Miller supports impeaching Obama. Dan Sullivan says he'd take it seriously and "focus on it" if it came to the Senate.

Republican Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller challenged his fellow Republicans to support him in impeaching Obama in a debate Wednesday at the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce.

One of his opponents, former Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan, said he would take impeachment "very very seriously" if it came to the Senate and "would focus on it" if it reached the Senate.

"I think we all agree that Obama's out of control," Miller said, adding that Obama "acts like almost a dictator in some sense."

Miller stated he publicly called on his opponents to join him in supporting impeaching Obama in recent weeks but received no response. So Miller asked Sullivan directly as part of the debate format what it would take to get him to support impeaching Obama.

"As a U.S. senator, what I would do is follow the Constitution and if there was an articles of impeachment that originated in the House that came to U.S. Senate. I certainly would be a part of the U.S. Senate that sits in the jury position to adjudicate that impeachment. So I would obviously take that very very seriously. I agree 110% that this administration is out of control..."

Miller followed up asking if President Obama's efforts to circumvent Congress should be considered impeachable.

Sullivan said that as a member of the Alaska governor's cabinet they have challenged the president on the law through the courts. Sullivan said the economy, not impeachment would be his focus. But if it came to the Senate he would focus on it.

"If articles of impeachment gone before a U.S. Senate you're darn right I'm going to focus on it," Sullivan added. "But I think the vast majority of where Alaskans and Americans are is to jumpstart this economy."

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