Trump’s Post Advocating For Intervention In Libya Is Still On His Facebook

Trump also touts his friendship with Bill Clinton in old Facebook posts.

If you are looking for evidence that Donald Trump initially supported an intervention in Libya despite now calling the U.S. action there a "disaster," look no further than Trump's own Facebook page, where there is still a post from February 2011 calling on the U.S. to take "immediate actions to stop the carnage."

Throughout the campaign, Trump has contradicted himself several times on his position on Libya. At a debate in February, he said he never discussed Libya and that the country would have been better off with Gaddafi in charge. In June, he conceded to CBS News' John Dickerson that he was "for doing something” but he wasn't for "what you have right now.”

There are also posts still on Trump's Facebook that boast of his relationship with Bill Clinton, who Trump called a "good friend of mine."

Trump used Facebook more regularly for longer posts in 2010, 2011, and 2012, a time period when he was still sparsely using his now famous Twitter.

Trump's campaign adviser Dan Scavino, who previously worked for Trump at one of his golf properties, can be seen in the background of this photo Trump posted with Bill Clinton.

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