Don't Say Trump Has "Fat, Grandmotherly Arms"

He gets very upset.

Donald Trump, who has been relentlessly mocked by some of his opponents for his abnormally small hands, is also sensitive to unflattering comments about another part of his body: his arms.

In 1992, radio host Don Imus said on his program that Trump had "fat, grandmotherly arms." Trump got so upset, he pulled radio ads for his casinos from WFAN, which carried Imus's signature Imus in the Morning show.

The two Don's then traded insults through the press.

"You were funnier when you were on drugs and alcohol," Trump said to Imus in a letter the host read on the air about pulling the ads.

Trump was in the midst of financial woes, heavily in debt after his empire crashed in the early 1990s. Imus took a parting shot at Trump on his finances.

"We only want advertisers who can pay their bills," Imus told the New York Daily News.

Trump, getting the last word in, said he was in better shape than Imus.

"I'm in great shape," Trump told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I'm not heavy. Ever look at him? I look a hell of a lot better."

The two seemed to make up after the spat. Trump started routinely going on Imus' radio show again and Imus' daughter is a huge Trump booster.

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