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The 31 Best Photos Of Presidents With Their Pets

Bill Clinton was the one guy who got a cat to stay on a leash.

Posted on June 6, 2013, at 5:42 p.m. ET

31. Herbert Hoover with his dog King Tut:


30. Franklin Roosevelt with his dog Tip in New York in 1904:

29. Franklin Roosevelt with dog Monk in 1898:

28. Franklin Roosevelt with his dog Fala:

27. Dwight Eisenhower with his dog Heidi:

26. John F. Kennedy and his family with puppies Blackie and White Tips, and family dogs Shannon, Clipper, Wolfie, and Charlie in Massachusetts.

25. John F. Kennedy with his dog at Camp David:

24. President Johnson in the White House pool with his dog:

23. Lyndon Johnson presenting a young boy with a basket of puppies:

22. Lyndon Johnson with his dog at his ranch:

21. Lyndon Johnson with his dog in the Oval Office:

20. Gerald Ford, his wife Betty and their dog Liberty posing in front of the White House:

19. Gerald Ford swimming with his dog Liberty at Camp David:

18. Gerald Ford with his dog Liberty and her puppies:

17. Jimmy Carter pets his daughter's dog Grits:

16. Jimmy Carter as a child with his dog:

15. Ronald Reagan with his dog Rex:

14. Ronald Reagan with his dog Lucky on Marine One:

13. Ronald Reagan playing with his dog Victory:

12. George H.W. Bush walks with his dog Millie and her puppies:

11. Millie and George H.W. Bush having fun on the White House lawn with her puppies:

10. George Bush and his dogs taking a stroll:

9. A tender moment between Bill Clinton and his dog Buddy in the Oval Office:

8. Bill Clinton and his dog Buddy pose for a photo:

7. Bill Clinton taking his cat Socks out for a walk on the White House grounds:

6. George W. Bush and his dog Barney at his ranch:

5. George W. Bush carrying Barney and Mrs. Beasley off Air Force One:

4. George Bush and Barney hang out on the White House grounds:

3. Barack Obama giving his dog Bo a rub on Air Force One:

2. Barack Obama pets a happy Bo in the Oval Office:

1. Barack Obama and Bo got out for a run: