That Time Anthony Weiner Blamed Al-Qaeda For His Sexting Scandal

"An angry Weiner head," al-Qaeda called him.

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner once blamed al-Qaeda for the sexting scandal that led to his downfall as a congressman.

"This was a prank intended to derail me or distract me, whatever it is. It is not a federal case. Now maybe it will turn out, forgive me, maybe it will turn out that this is the point of al-Qaeda's sword. And that this is effort, this is where it is going to begin," the former Congressman said to a group of reporters while still denying a picture of an erection in boxer shorts belonged to him.

Weiner would later find himself ridiculed by al-Qaeda in their next issue of Inspire Magazine after his resignation. A full page in the July 2011 issue read "an angry Weiner head" with a picture of the former congressman.

Inspire was then still being produced by former Queens resident Samir Khan, before he was killed in a drone strike in October 2011.

From the July 2011 issue of Inspire:

h/t: real Kaplan