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Pro-Impeachment Congressman: "12 Or 14" GOP Members Think Impeachment Is Possible

"Use what the Constitution says — but no, we won't do that."

Posted on December 2, 2014, at 12:32 p.m. ET

Republican Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina says just over a dozen of the Republican members of Congress think it is possible to impeach President Obama over his executive order to slow deportations of undocumented immigrants.

Jones, who has unabashedly and repeatedly called for the president's impeachment a number of times throughout the year for various uses of executive authority was speaking with NewsMaxTV's America's Forum Tuesday when he made the comments.

"I have been saying down in my district — whenever you reward someone that's committed a crime, then you as that individual if there's an impeachment, which was authorized by those who developed the Constitution — then that's what you should consider," Jones said, lamenting that no one else in the Republican House conference wants to discuss impeachment.

"You know, but nobody wants to talk even about impeachment, JD, and I don't want that as an option except this reason: Why in the world are we gonna spend millions and millions of the taxpayers dollars going to the federal courts to challenge president Obama on this decision, and have it thrown out of court. Here we go again as a nation — can't pay our bills — we gonna go to court and play a little political theater? Make everybody feel good, and then the federal courts kick it out? Use what the Constitution says — but no, we won't do that. "

The North Carolina Republican added that "probably no more than 20, and probably more like 12 or 14" thought impeachment of President Obama was a possibility.