Scott Brown, Mike Huckabee Sent Out An Email Featuring A Vaccine Truther And Conspiracy Theorist

An odd email from the former Massachusetts senator. Brown has now cut ties with the company. Update: Mike Huckabee sent out the same email.

Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown is thinking of running for Senate in New Hampshire (He recently sold his Massachusetts home, dropped "MA" from his Twitter handle, and went diving shirtless into frigid New Hampshire waters for charity.)

He also recently sent out an email from one of his sponsors about the "5 Signs You’ll Get Alzheimer’s Disease." The sponsor was Newsmax Magazine and the email showcased a video from "renowned neurosurgeon and nutritionist Dr. Russell Blaylock."

Update: The email was also sent by Mike Huckabee

Dr. Russell Blaylock also happens to be a vaccine truther, believes "the Soviet Union created the U.S. drug problem "to weaken the resistance of western Society to Soviet invasion, undermine religion and make the youth unable to resist collectivism." He also has said water fluoride is toxic and did an interview with InfoWars where he "Exposes Obama's Nazi Healthcare System."

Here is the email:

Update: Brown has cut ties with the company sending his emails over the email

Brown's email was first reported by the Huffington Post.

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