Republican Senator Pretending To Be Kansas Resident Said He's Been Home "About 7 Times"

"My home is Dodge City and I'm damn proud."

Incumbent Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts says he's "damn proud" to live in Dodge City — noting he's only been home "about seven times" this year — at a state fair debate with lurking independent challenger Greg Orman.

"My home is Dodge City and I'm damn proud," Roberts said in the debate.

"About seven," is the number of times Roberts said he'd been home.

Roberts' residency continues to be an issue in the race.

Roberts is registered to vote at an address in Dodge City owned by supporters who he pays rent to and stays with when back in the state.

In one instance, his campaign manager Leroy Towns was caught calling northern Virginia the senator's home.

"He went back home for two days or three to rest. I think he's going to come back here the first of next week," Towns said. "He's going to spend most of August out here."

Catching himself, Towns attempted to backtrack.

"Home is probably not the right word in terms of the way the campaign's been. But anyway he went back there. It's where his family is at the moment. But he does intend to spend every moment between now and the election in Kansas, I think, that he can," Towns said.

In one interview Roberts said he returns to Kansas whenever he has a campaign opponent.

"We have declared Dodge our residency. Our kids went to school there," Roberts said in an interview on KCMO. "Every time I get an opponent — I mean, every time I get a chance, I'm home. I don't measure my record with regards as a senator as how many times I sleep wherever it is."

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