Republican Senator: Full Obamacare Repeal Not "Realistic," Better To Put Stuff On Obama's Desk He'll Sign

"I want to put things on his desk that he would actually give true consideration to signing."

A Republican senator says an Obamacare repeal isn't going to happen anytime in the next two years.

Speaking with WPBI radio, Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso said Republicans would be best served by trying to repeal bits of the law and pass legislation the president would actually sign.

"In terms of the things that I want to see put on the president's desk, I want to systematically strip away the very worst parts of Obamacare, that have hurt patients, have hurt providers, and have hurt our economy," he said Wednesday.

"And the 30-hour work week regulations have been harmful to school districts, to teachers, to take-home pay, and there is bipartisan support to removing that. There is bipartisan support on the employer mandate on health care, and to eliminating or delaying those components."

The senator said a full repeal was not going to happen anytime Obama was in office.

"Well, I would imagine there will be a vote on repeal, but I — let's be realistic, Barack Obama is still going to be in the White House for another two years, and he is not going to sign that," he added. "I want to put things on his desk that he would actually give true consideration to signing, because they're good for our economy, they'll get people working again, and they'll help move the country forward."



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