Mitt Romney: You Can't Tell If Someone With An Accent Is Here Legally Or Not

Speaking at meet and greet in Meredith, NH in December of 2007 on E-Verify.

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"The first priority, get the fence built. At the same time, have an employment verification system so that we know who's here legally and who's not here legally. I have personal experience with this. You don't know who's here illegally. You don't have a way of telling, if someone comes and they speak with an accent do you say, well, are you here legally or illegally? And they tell you, well, how do you know.And so I want an employment verification system with a card, where it indicates that they're here illegally, that they're here legally, what their work status is so that you can hire them. If they're not here legally you know you don't hire them. And we need to have that kind of system or we're not going to know who's here illegally and not. So those are the first two things. And number three, for those that are here illegally today, tell them to get in line with everybody else who wants to come here. No special pathway, no special deal by virtue of having come here illegally."

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