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Mitt Romney Forced Hunters To Take A "Hunter Education Course"

Today, Gingrich attacked him for his varmint-hunting ways.

Posted on February 7, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. ET

As Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney signed legislation requiring hunters to take "a hunter education course."

The bill, which was signed into effect by Romney in July of 2006, required that new gun owners take a hunting education prior to receiving a hunting license. Previously, new individuals with gun licenses, both a License to Carry or a Firearm Identification card, would had automatically qualified for a hunting licenses. The bill did not apply to anyone who had received a license prior to January of 2007.

Romney commented at the bill's passage that "It's important that hunters understand the basic skills and responsibilities that will help them to enjoy the sport safely, and to foster an appreciation of hunting for new generations of young people."

The bill was first proposed by the Worcester County League of Sportsmen, and was supported by the Gun Owner’s Action League, a nonprofit which argues for the rights of Massachusetts gun owners.

Romney has come under fire in the past for signing a permanent assault weapon ban as Governor and his previous mischaracterization of his record on hunting.