Mitch McConnell: This Election Is About Choosing The Lesser Of Two Evils

"This is a choice that many Americans are not happy with."

Asked on Monday if the general election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a "lesser of two evils election," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell answered yes.

"Well, it just is," McConnell said on the Wells Report on 660AM. "That's an honest answer. This is a choice that many Americans are not happy with. But it is the choice."

Earlier in the interview, McConnell criticized Trump for alienating Hispanic voters.

"I don't think writing them off is smart politics," said McConnell. "We saw what the Goldwater vote against the civil rights bill of 1964 did for Republicans with African-Americans. I'd hate to see that happen with Latinos."

McConnell said the election is a choice between Trump and Clinton, and though he disagreed with Trump's tone and comments, he'd be supporting him.

"I think he needs to change to win," McConnell said.

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