Mike Lee Slams Rubio For USA Freedom Act Comments At Debate: "He's Dead Wrong"

"The USA Freedom Act has not made us less safe at all."

Republican Sen. Mike Lee on Wednesday slammed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for attacking Texas Sen. Ted Cruz over the USA Freedom Act at Tuesday night's GOP debate.

Lee, who along with Cruz sponsored the bill that halted the National Security Agency's bulk collection of phone metadata, said Rubio was wrong to say the bill made America less safe.

"Look, Marco Rubio has been attacking Ted Cruz on the USA Freedom Act, for his vote in favor of the USA Freedom Act, and he's been doing so by suggesting that this has somehow made America less safe," Lee said on Boston Herald Radio. "It simply is not true, and look, I'm really good friends with both of these guys, I really like both of them, but Marco's wrong on this."

"He's just dead wrong," he added, emphatically.

Cruz and Rubio clashed in a heated exchange at Tuesday's Republican debate with the Florida senator arguing Cruz's votes and advocacy for the bill weakened America's defenses.

"The USA Freedom Act has not made us less safe at all," continued Lee, saying he talked with the FBI director who said the program did not impair looking into the records of the San Bernardino terror suspects.

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