Mike Huckabee Defends Corey Lewandowski In Tense Exchange On Radio

"You know what, governor, I know, but you can't just put your hands on people," radio host Brian Kilmeade told Huckabee.


In a tense exchange on Kilmeade and Friends radio program Thursday,

former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee defended Donald Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who is charged with a misdemeanor for yanking a reporter's arm and pulling her backwards at a Donald Trump event earlier this month.

Host Brian Kilmeade, noting that Lewandowski was arrested, was interrupted by Huckabee, who said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, he was not arrested."

"That has been said, he was not arrested. He was charged and he walked himself in. There was no arrest, no perp walk, no handcuffs, no mugshot," he continued. "I mean, it's been presented as if he did some violent act. I've watched that video as probably you have almost as much as I've watched the Zapruder film, and I've watched it frame by frame to see, ok when did he grab her. I've been in so many of those identical type situations where you're walking through the room and whether it's the press gaggle or in any campaign event and there are people bumping into you and touching you and people grabbing you and swirling you around to take a selfie..."

Kilmeade interjected, saying, ""You know what, governor, I know, but you can't just put your hands on people. I don't think it's that big of a deal, but the woman's bruised, and as people have brought up to me, if you got called to a domestic dispute and the woman says my husband grabbed me look at these bruises they're bringing the husband in."

"I get that, here's the thing," Huckabee said, "when you watch the video, do you see her twirling around, do you see her reacting, lifting her arm in anyway reacting, indicating in any way that she—

Kilmeade interrupted, saying, "Well, I hear here voice turn around and go 'who was that, was that Corey?' And the Washington Post reporter said 'yeah.' So bottom line is I'm gonna list it as a controversial situation, we can agree on that."

"Ok," said Huckabee.

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