Michael Flynn: It Really "Doesn't Matter" To GOP That I Said I'm Pro-Choice

"We won't be able to talk about social issues if we don't have a country."


Retired Gen. Michael Flynn, who is being vetted as a possible running by Donald Trump, said it doesn't matter that he previously said women have a right to choose whether to have an abortion.

"It really doesn't matter. I mean, honestly, you know, GOP or not, we have a country that, these issues, these social issues are super important. I know they are, and they're super important to many, and there's a big argument on both sides about them," Flynn told San Deigo KOGO radio's Morning News.

Flynn said on ABC’s This Week on Sunday that women “have to make the decision [on abortion] because they are the ones that are going to decide to bring up that child or not.” However, a day later, he told Fox News he was a "pro-life Democrat."

Flynn said on Monday the country had deeper problems than social issues.

"But, we have deeper, deeper issues that we have to deal with in this country right now," said Flynn. "We won't be able to talk about social issues if we don't have a country. And so, we have to prioritize sort of the big deal things first and our economy is at the very top. Jobs, education, immigration reform. Those kind of things are super important as well and we won't have a country to be able to even have a discussion about social issues. So, I'll leave it at that."

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