Male Fox News Host Declares That Michelle Obama Needs To "Drop A Few" Pounds

"Let's be honest, like there's no french fries happening."

A male Fox News contributor on the network's Outnumbered said Tuesday the first lady needs to lose some weight.

Dr. Keith Ablow, a Fox News contributor, was playing the role of the lone male host on the show, with Tuesday's segment on healthy eating and Michelle Obama. Specifically, the show's hosts were discussing a group known as Mission: Readiness, comprised of nearly 500 former military leaders planning to lobby Congress to keep new school nutrition standards pushed by Michelle Obama.

The standards, which call for healthy food choices in schools was relaxed by House Republicans with a provision added to the agriculture spending bill, allowing some schools losing money under the new standards to opt out of all them for a year.

During the discussion, Ablow interjected, "and how well can she be eating...she needs to drop a few."

The other panelists were shocked. "Oh no, you didn't not say that," one said.

"No, listen," Ablow said. "We're taking nutrition advice from who? Well, no let's be honest, like there's no french fries happening. Like that's all kale and carrots I don't buy it. Well, I'm just saying, her husband. I want some nutritional advice from Barack."

Another of the Fox panelists then added of Michelle Obama, "I like her booty."

Here's the full segment:

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