Gary Johnson On Trump’s Deportation Plan: “That's Wacko”

The Libertarian nominee hit back at Donald Trump on Tuesday for calling him a "fringe candidate."

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson hit back at Donald Trump on Tuesday for calling him a "fringe candidate," saying in a radio interview that Trump's deportation plan is "nuts" and "wacko."

"Obviously we're fringe candidates," Johnson said on Fox News radio's Tom Sullivan Show. "We're Republicans that served in heavily Democrat states and got re-elected. So, that makes it really fringe. And it's really fringe to have somebody stand up and say that immigration is really a good thing, and that all the things that he's saying, regarding deporting eleven million illegal immigrants, is nuts. That's wacko."

Johnson said the United States should make it as easy as possible for undocumented immigrants to get work visas if they pass a background check and get a social security card.

"They are not murderers and rapists," continued Johnson. "They are the cream of the crop when it comes to workers. Statistically, they commit far less crime than U.S. citizens."

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