Here's How The State Department Trolls Terrorists On Social Media

"How ironic."

The State Department is trolling terrorists on social media.

The U.S. government's Facebook and Twitter campaign, launched in December, is called "Think Again Turn Away," and aims to "expose the facts about terrorists and their propaganda."

Think Again Turn Away comes from the State Department's Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications (CSCC), whose mission is to "orient, and inform government-wide foreign communications activities targeted against terrorism and violent extremism, particularly al-Qaida and its affiliates and adherents."

Here are some of their best recent posts:

#ISIS’s worst nightmare – beat by a girl - Kurdish female soldiers #thinkagainturnaway

.@AbuBakrAl_Janab How ironic that a follower of #ISIS- the cult of hatred- to be accusing others of hating

Before leaving for #Syria, #ISIS recruits order the book Islam for Dummies #thinkagainturnaway

Drugs reportedly found in #ISIS headquarters in #Iraq #thinkagainturnaway

#ISIS cult of death indoctrinates the young. No abuse too shameful for #AlBaghdadi’s ambitions #thinkagainturnaway

.@daqeqa this is what #ISIS savages did to Raqqa's Church- People reject ur barbarism & humiliation ://

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