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Here Are All The Things Rep. Pete King Has Said About The Boston Bombing

The former Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security has been giving lots of interviews over the last 24 hours. "Last week I received two top secret briefings..."

Posted on April 16, 2013, at 6:53 p.m. ET

1. Where Pete King Said This: Fox5

Last week I received two top secret briefings as a member of the Homeland Security Committee and the Intelligence Communnity about possible threats against the US and nothing came up against Boston."

2. Where Pete King Said This: WPIX

"I'm leaning toward thinking this an Al Qaeda affiliate or Al Qaeda supporter but wouldn't be surprised if it was a white supremacist."

3. Where Pete King Said This: Fox5

"Usually in the past, when this has been carried out in conjunction with an overseas operation or an overseas partner responsibility has been claimed. Which could mean it was done by a lone wolf operating her in the United States. By a strictly domestic organization, it could be jihadist it could be white supremacist. We really don't know.

4. Where Pete King Said This: Fox5

"My understand is that his name doesn't appear on any watch list and his name has not been looked at before." (on the Saudi national who was questioned and clear)

5. Where Pete King Said This: ABC7

"The Al Qaeda magazine Inspire has called for attacks on sporting events and iconic events on the United States and this was both."

6. Where Pete King Said This:WPIX

"There was an intelligence briefing scheduled for Congress today that was postponed because they said that the situation is so fluid. Which means really they are not certain exactly what happened or even remotely certain who was involved here."

7. Where Pete King Said This: Nightline

"Obviously there''s nothing definitive yet but it has all the hallmarks, earmarks of an Al Qaeda-type attack. It reminds me very much of what happened in Times Square in 2010. Again it could end up being someone else, but right now it has all the indicators, in every aspect, of being an Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda affiliated attack. "

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