Heidi Cruz Is Asked On The Radio If She Is "Sleeping With An Immigrant"

"There is no case here," Heidi Cruz says about questions over the citizenship of her husband, Ted Cruz.


In a radio interview last week, Heidi Cruz answered an awkwardly worded question about the natural-born status of her husband, Ted Cruz.

Speaking with Iowa local radio 1400AM KVFD, Cruz was asked, "Would you please respond to the fact of whether you're sleeping with a, uh, uh, uh, uh, an immigrant?"

Cruz, laughing, replied, "There was a funny post on the Internet that the Canadians saying, 'don't worry he's 100% American,' so I think that can partly settled the question," Cruz told Iowa local radio 1400AM KVFD last week. "But this is not hotly contested in the law. There a few liberal professors out there who are trying to stir this up, but there is a definition of a natural-born citizen, and Ted fits that definition. He was born to an American mother in a foreign country."

Heidi Cruz noted that questions were also raised about the natural-born status of Mitt Romney's father and John McCain, who was the 2008 Republican nominee.

"There have been a number of other people who have run for president that had the exact same circumstance," she said. "Romney's father ran for president, he was in Mexico on a ranch in Mexico. McCain was born in Panama and not on the base. Not on the American base in Panama. He was born in a hospital in Panama City. He ran for president."

The issue, she said, was settled.

"This will not be a hotly debated issue. There's a definition. It's stated in the Constitution you're eligible if you're a natural-born citizen. There is a definition of a natural-born citizen. There is no case here."

Iowa Rep. Steve King, who was being interview alongside Heidi Cruz, chimed in to say the controversy over Ted Cruz's birth was just Donald Trump playing playing politics.

"This is a Trump ploy," said King, noting Trump had no issue with it until Cruz became a threat to Trump.

King, who has endorsed Cruz, said he had "looked into it" and said Cruz was eligible.

"I think there is zero legal question about this," he said.