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GOP Congressman: I Agree With Clinton That Trump's Comments On Islam Are Harmful

"I don't like to agree with Hillary Clinton, but I think she's right in that you can't demonize an entire religion," said Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

Posted on June 13, 2016, at 2:35 p.m. ET

Jason Reed / Reuters

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger from Illinois says he disagrees with Donald Trump's proposal to ban Muslim immigration to the United States and agrees with Hillary Clinton in her assessment that you can't demonize all of Islam.

Asked on the Big John Howell Show on WLS AM890 about Trump's proposed ban, Kinzinger said, "I think that does more harm than good, we have a rich history in this country of being welcoming of all religion and class."

"In fact, the First Amendment guarantees that," he continued. "What you do, and I just recently got back from the Middle East, they're more concerned with his statements in terms of their ability to fight the War on Terror."

The congressman said it was Muslims in communities in the United States who would find people who were radicalizing. He said putting tensions between non-Muslims and Muslims would only worsen the problem.

"This is a billion-and-a-half people in the world who prescribe this religion," said Kinzinger. "To just simply say ban them all — I think frankly does more harm — it may work for political season and it does, maybe it's a popular soundbite. But, it is very detrimental to our longterm ability to actually win this war."

The congressman, asked about claims by Hillary Clinton Trump's rhetoric played into ISIS' hands, said she agreed with Clinton.

"I don't know if playing into his hands is the right way to put that, cause that's putting some of this on Trump and this is only the people that do it, but it don't think it's positive to winning this," said Kinzinger. "I don't like to agree with Hillary Clinton, but I think she's right in that you can't demonize an entire religion."

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