Exclusive: The 30 Most Interesting Documents From The Newt Archives

Newt Gingrich's Democratic challenger in 1988 and 1990, lawyer David Worley, assembled a massive opposition research file on the Georgia Republican. A decade later, he donated the file to Georgia State University. A BuzzFeed researcher spent 23 hours with the 10 boxes of files of newspaper clippings, campaign literature, and more. These are the highlights.

1. Newt Calls Kitty Dukakis A "Drug Addict"

2. Voting Record on Apartheid

3. Newt's 1990 Dear Colleague Calls For Considering Tax Increases

4. Newt Co-Sponsors Bill To Force Unemployed To Work For The Government For Welfare Checks

5. Newt 1988 Op-Ed "Do Congressional Ethics Matter"

6. Newt Invites Colleagues To Join the Space Caucus

7. Newt Attacks Reagan For Not Cutting Enough

8. Newt Voted To Raise His Own Pay

9. Newt's Book: Quotes From Speaker Newt

10. Doonesbury Doesn't Like Newt

11. Newt's 13K European Vacation Financed By Book Investors From A Book He Never Wrote

12. Newt At A Town Hall Says I Don't Care Fire Me I'll Make More Money As A Political Consultant

13. Newt Considers Tax Increases

14. Why Vote For Newt? The Values Of A Family Man

15. A Letter From Jackie Gingrich

16. Anti-Newt Cartoon.

17. News From Newt On The Budget

18. Newt on the Equal Rights Amendment

19. Newt Is Just A Regular Guy

20. Staffers Say Newt Ignored Ethics

21. Newt Will Fight To Protects Seniors

22. Newt's First Ever Campaign Literature

23. The Gingrich Clan

24. A Letter To A Constituent On The Budget

25. Newt Flip-Flops On Taxes And Then Flips Back

26. Newt A Hawk Despite Having Not Served

27. Newt Wants To Investigate Democrats For Ethics "Cancer"

28. Ex-Aides Say Newt Violated Ethics

29. Newt's "Moral Leadership"

30. Newt On Ethics in 1976