Conservatives Troll The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

The National Legal and Policy Center doesn't like a tour about free enterprise being sponsored by a company that received a government bailout.

In early June the Chamber of Commerce launched the two-month trip "On the Road with Free Enterprise" to "tell the story of free enterprise and what it means to the American economy." The trip is sponsored by General Motors.

The conservative National Legal and Policy Center, which has taken issue with a tour promoting free enterprise being sponsored by General Motors, launched the website Sunday night to counter the Chamber.


The site, which features economists Fredrick Hayek and Milton Friedman mocking the two Chamber tour participants bills itself as "a somewhat satirical, somewhat serious look at what happens when crony companies make a complete mockery of our free enterprise system. Government Motors — still partially owned by the United States Treasury — is the absolute worst poster child imaginable for free market vibrancy."