Congressman Steve Cohen Slams CNN Chris Cuomo's "Snide Creepy Comment"

A difficult time for the Tennessee Congressman.

Congressman Steve Chen slammed CNN anchor Chris Cuomo for what he saw as off-color remarks about his relationship with a woman he had thought was his illegitimate daughter.

Cohen discovered Thursday that a woman he thought was his illegitimate daughter wasn't related to him after a DNA test administered by CNN proved he was not model Victoria Brink's father.

Cohen relationship with the young woman first came to the pubic's attention after Twitter used noticed he was tweeting a 24-year-old blonde woman during the president's State of the Union address in January.

After the report on CNN's morning show New Day Chris Cuomo said it was "a weird twist." Cuomo added "and I wonder if now for the Congressman, because of the test, to now go back to fact that he was tweeting someone and it was kinda creepy."

Cohen took issue with the comments and in a tweet said "u didn't pay 4 my DNA test.Your snide creepy comment wasuncalled4/inappropriate.y didn't u ask Victoria who told her I was Dad?"

Cuomo's comments:

Cohen's tweet:

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