Chris Christie Just Released An Overly Dramatic Fake Movie Trailer

Coming to a town hall near you.

The Christie administration released a fake movie trailer Tuesday ahead of a summer tour of the state to address the "impending fiscal crisis the growing entitlements of pension, health benefits, and debt service."

From the governor's press release:

Governor Christie has been making the case for further action since he first warned in his January 2014 State of the State address of the impending fiscal crisis the growing entitlements of pension, health benefits and debt services are causing. Now he's taking this conversation directly to the people of New Jersey and kicking off a summer long tour today in Long Branch.

And in the spirit and tradition of the summer action movie blockbuster, State House Studios released this trailer to preview the summer push.

Here's the video titled "No Pain. No Gain."

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Christie's office also included this fake poster in their email about the fake movie trailer:

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