Ben Carson Compares Cruz’s Reaction To Iowa Controversy To Clinton’s Benghazi Response

"I'm not saying that it rises to the level up Benghazi, I'm saying it's the same kind of attitude."

Ben Carson questioned the Christian morality of Ted Cruz's presidential campaign for their actions the night of the Iowa caucuses, adding that Cruz's response to his campaign's actions was akin to Hillary Clinton's reaction to the Benghazi attacks.

Asked by Todd Starnes if he was "satisfied with the way Sen. Cruz has handled himself as Christian" over the incident in Iowa, Carson said, "Well, let me put it this way, it's not the way that I would have handled it."

"I would have said if I didn't agree with what's being — which he did say that — I would make sure that it didn't happen again," Carson continued. "And I would take corrective action. Not to take corrective action is tacitly saying it's okay, or it's sort of like, as Hillary Clinton said after Benghazi, 'what difference does it make.'"

"I'm not saying that it rises to the level up Benghazi, I'm saying it's the same kind of attitude," he said, when pressed by Starnes if the controversy rose to the level of Benghazi. "The attitude being, it's water under the bridge, it's gone by, let's not deal with it."

On caucus night, the Cruz campaign spread a CNN report saying Ben Carson would not travel to New Hampshire and South Carolina after the Iowa caucuses, suggesting Carson was getting out of the race. Cruz apologized to Carson on Tuesday for his campaign failure to send out out updates to its supporters that Carson was merely doing laundry at his home in Florida, and not dropping out.

On Thursday, Breitbart News reported the Cruz campaign sent out messages saying Carson was leaving the campaign trail on caucus night.

"Well, certainly there were some major irregularities there that are not the kind of things that I would ever engage in against a fellow candidate," Carson said earlier in the interview. "Did they cross the line in terms of the law? I don't think so, but I do think there comes a time when you do what's right rather than what's legal. And I don't think that it was the right thing to do."

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