Beheaded Journalist's Parents Call Conservative Ad Campaign Featuring Son's Image "Deplorable"

"I think it is deplorable and there should be an apology."

The parents of an American journalist beheaded by ISIS militants in a video in August are asking for the ad to be pulled and an apology.

BuzzFeed News reported Wednesday that James Foley, the American journalist murdered by ISIS militants, made a cameo in a series of web ads from Secure America Now.

Secure America Now is a right-wing nonprofit national security organization that lists on its advisory board people such as former Gov. Mike Huckabee and Ambassador John Bolton.

The advertisements targeted Democrats running for the Senate in competitive midterm election races.

"I think it is deplorable and there should be an apology," said John Foley, the father of James, to New England Cable News.

Foley's mother Diane called it "very sad."

Here's the NECN segment below: