AARP Asks Democrats To Remove Their Name From Their Attack Ad


The AARP is asking the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to remove them from an ad attacking Republican Michigan senatorial candidate Terri Lynn Land. The ad "Deserve" cites the AARP in attacking Land.

"Michiganders deserve a Senator that will fight to preserve the Medicare guarantee, not Terri Lynn Land who would slash benefits, raise prescription drug prices, and force seniors to pay thousands more each year," the ad states.

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AARP spokesman Matt Hornbeck told BuzzFeed News, "We'd appreciate if they removed AARP from the ad."

A press release sent out by AARP noted they did not authorize the DSCC to use their name in the ad.

AARP does not endorse candidates or make contributions to political campaigns or candidates.

"AARP did not authorize the use of its name currently running in the campaign ads," the press release states.

The DSCC didn't immediately get back to BuzzFeed News.

Here's the press release: