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7 Interesting Things From The Newly Released Clinton Documents

The Clinton Presidential Library released thousands of documents Friday from the Clinton presidency that had been previously held from public view. The documents, part of a batch to made public in the coming weeks, offered an insight into the Clinton White House not previously seen.

Posted on February 28, 2014, at 4:03 p.m. ET

1. Some guy named Todd said the Clintons shouldn't over promise on health care reform about keeping your doctor or your plan.

2. In one memo, a Clinton aide discusses Hillary Clinton using "Internet" to reach "young women." The aide said the document was becoming "a very popular mode of communication."

Clinton Libary

3. Then-White House aide and now-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had a delicate way of dealing with NRA president Charlton Heston: "Shove it up his ass."

4. White House speechwriter David Shipley said Bill Clinton could heal the racial divide with a speech following after the O.J. trial.

Clinton Library

5. Hillary Clinton aides considered having her make a cameo appearance on Home Improvement.

6. Hillary Clinton thought the individual mandate was bad (back when it was a Republican idea).

Clinton Library

7. In a memo, a Hillary Clinton aide gave a detailed rundown of which reporters on a trip were friendly to Clinton.

Clinton Library