Danish PM Says Shooter Was Not Part Of A Wide Terror Cell

Shootings at a Copenhagen cafe Saturday and a synagogue Sunday left two people dead. Later Sunday, police shot and killed a man they said was responsible for the attacks.

What We Know So Far:

• Two people died and at least five were injured when a shooter, identified by media outlets as Omar El-Hussein, opened fire at two locations in Copenhagen. • Documentary filmmaker Finn Noergaard, 55, was killed at a cultural center hosting a talk on blasphemy and freedom of speech on Saturday. On Sunday, security guard Dan Uzan, 37, was killed outside a synagogue. • Five police officers were also injured in the shootings, and are expected to recover. • Police shot and killed a man about 5 a.m. near the Nørrebro train station who they said was responsible for both attacks. • El-Hussein, 22 is a Danish-born man with a history of crime and violence, police said. On Monday Danish Prime Minster Helle Thorning-Schmidt said he is not linked to a wider terror network. • Two men were arraigned in a Danish court Monday on charges they helped El-Hussein flee police and conceal his weapon. * This was Denmark's first fatal terrorist attack in 30 years.


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No explosives have been found in the suspect package found at the Copenhagen arts cafe, and restrictions in the area have been lifted, ITV News reported.

The package was a letter containing messages pertaining to the weekend's terrorist attacks, according to Sky News.

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A suspect letter has been found at the site of the weekend's attack on a Copenhagen arts cafe, AFP reported. Police told Reuters the area has been evacuated.

Reuters reported that sniffer dogs and dozens of officers were present at the cafe, and they were waiting for the arrival of a bomb disposal team.

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The Copenhagen gunman was released from jail two weeks ago, the Associated Press reported:

One source told the AP that El-Hussein had been in pre-trial detention for a long time but was released two weeks ago. He also said the corrections authority had alerted Danish security service PET last year after they noticed worrisome changes in El-Hussein's behavior last summer.

He wouldn't give specifics but said such alerts are issued when inmates change their attitude or behavior in way that "sets off alarm bells."

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Police released this image of the shooter from 2013 surveillance footage:

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Flowers were laid Monday at a memorial for the victims — and at one for the gunman:

As the AP reported:

Mourners placed flowers and candles at the cultural center where documentary filmmaker Finn Noergaard, 55, was killed and at the synagogue where Dan Uzan, a 37-year-old security guard, was gunned down.

There was also a smaller mound of flowers on the street at the location where the gunman was slain, which critics said was an insult to his victims. Ozlem Cekic, lawmaker of the leftwing Socialist People's Party, called it "a huge assault on the Danish population."

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Danish Prime Minster Helle Thorning-Schmidt said Monday that 22-year-old terror suspect Omar El-Hussein is not believed to have been part of a wider cell:

He was known by the police for several criminal acts, including severe violence, and he was also known to be linked to a criminal gang in Copenhagen.

But I want to also make very clear that we have no indication at this stage that he was part of a cell.

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Danish police have arrested and charged two men on suspicion of helping the suspect in the weekend's terror attacks in Copenhagen, the Associated Press reported.

BREAKING: Danish police: 2 men arrested on suspicion of helping suspect in Copenhagen terror attacks.

According to Sky News, the men were arrested in an internet bookshop and are charged with hiding suspect Omar El-Hussein after the initial attack on the free speech event and supplying him with a weapon.

The pair deny the charges, Sky News said.

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The leader of PET, the Danish intelligence agency, told the Associated Press Sunday that investigators believed the gunman was inspired by other Islamic extremists.

"PET is working on a theory that the perpetrator could have been inspired by the events in Paris," Jens Madsen said. "He could also have been inspired by material sent out by [ISIS] and others."

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U.S. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki condemned the terror attacks in a statement on Sunday:

The United States condemns the terrorist attacks that took place over the weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark. The first attack on Saturday was against a meeting to discuss art, religion, and free speech. The second, early Sunday morning, was against a synagogue. Our deepest condolences go out to the family of the victims who were killed, and our thoughts are with the security officials injured in these terror attacks.

We remain in communication with Danish authorities and have offered to be of assistance in any way needed. The people of the United States stand united with the people of Denmark and all others who defend the universal right of freedom of speech and stand against anti-semitism and bigotry in all its forms.

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Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt released the following statement in English on Sunday:

Denmark has been hit by a terrorist attack. Yesterday afternoon a peaceful meeting was viciously attacked by a gunman, and early this morning the Jewish synagogue was similarly attacked. Two persons have been killed and five police officers injured.

Today the thoughts of all Danes rest with the families of the two deceased and the wounded.

As a nation we will not easily forget the past 24 hours. We have experienced the fear and uncertainty that terrorism seeks to spread. But we have also responded with determination and resolve. Early this morning the situation ended with the death of the presumed perpetrator.

I commend the courage and professionalism of The Danish Police and other involved authorities. Their efforts have been truly extraordinary.

Denmark is an open, free and peaceful democracy. This will not change. We will defend our society and stand by its fundamental values.

To attack the Jewish minority in Denmark is an attack on all of Denmark. We are all deeply disturbed by the tragedy that unfolded in front of the Jewish Synagogue. The Jewish community is an important part of Denmark, and has our warm sympathy and strong support.

We have known for long that there are forces wishing to harm open and free societies like Denmark. This is not a struggle between Islam and the West, or between Muslims and non-Muslims. This is a struggle between the core values of our society and violent extremists.

We are not alone in this struggle. We have received expressions of sympathy and support from leaders around the world. It has warmed my heart and the Danish people deeply. We are very grateful for all the support we have received.

In the coming days we will work to fully clarify the circumstances of the attack. At the same time we will insist that people should go about their business as usual.

I am confident that Denmark will get through this both united and strong.

Denmark's Queen, Margrethe II, also released this statement:

It is with sorrow that I learn of the extent of the incidents of the last 24 hours. My thoughts go out to the killed film director and the young security guard from the Jewish community who became targets of the perpetrator's acts. I send my deepest sympathy to the relatives and to the wounded police officers.

I wish to direct thanks to the police and the authorities for their quick and effective efforts.

It is important that we, in such a serious situation, stand together and uphold the values that Denmark is founded upon.

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The suspect in the shootings has been identified in Danish media as Omar El-Hussein, AFP reported.

The 22-year-old died in a shootout with police after the killings.

Police would not confirm the name, but said the suspect had a history of arrest and was linked to gangs.

A Danish tabloid reported that El-Hussein had been released from jail only two weeks ago. He had been serving time for assault.

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Hundreds of people have demonstrated in solidarity with Denmark outside the country's embassy in Paris, France.

Hundreds of people in sympathy with Denmark now, out side Danish embassy in Paris. #cphshooting @RasmusTantholdt

Saturday’s attack on a Copenhagen cafe came during a seminar on free speech and blasphemy organized in tribute to the slain staff of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

"I am Charlie, I am a police officer, I am Jewish, I am Danish," the man's sign reads.

"We are all Danish: We are all Charlie! Live life with dignity," this man's sign reads.

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The terror suspect shot dead by Copenhagen police early Sunday was identified as a 22-year-old Danish-born resident.

Status efter skudepisoderne ved Krudttønden og i Krystalgade #politidk http://t.co/adkeKpelCC

In a statement, Danish authorities said the unnamed man was known to police due to a history of violence and several criminal offenses, including violations of the Arms Act.

Police also said the man killed outside Copenhagen's main synagogue early Sunday was a guard hired to protect the building.

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The man killed during Saturday's terror attack on a Copenhagen blasphemy seminar was Danish film director and producer Finn Nørgaard, the Danish Film Institute said Sunday.

Nørgaard, 55, had directed documentary shorts for Danish television.

The director of the Danish Film Institute, Henrik Bo Nielsen, said he was sad to learn of Nørgaard's murder during the free-speech event.

"It is essential that instructors and other artists actively participate in the public debate," Nielsen said, "not just with their works, but also as voters and participants in the debates that concern us all."

Nielsen said he was filled with "shock and anger" that Nørgaard lost his life participating in the democratic debate.

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Danish police have been searching an internet cafe near where they fatally shot the terrorist suspect.

Police still present in front of internet cafe, Nørrebrogade #cphshooting

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"The terror of radical Islam struck again in Europe, this time in Denmark," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Twitter. "Again Jews were killed just because they were Jews. I send condolences to the Danish people and the Jewish community."

שוב היכה הטרור של האיסלאם הקיצוני באירופה, הפעם בדנמרק. שוב נרצחו יהודים רק בגלל היותם יהודים. אני שולח תנחומים לעם הדני ולקהילה היהודית

"Of course, Jews are entitled to protection in each country, but we are saying to the Jews, our brothers and sisters: Israel is your home. Israel is the home of every Jew," he said.

היהודים זכאים כמובן להגנה בכל מדינה ומדינה, אבל אנחנו אומרים ליהודים, לאחינו ואחיותינו: ישראל היא הבית שלכם. ישראל היא הבית של כל יהודי

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"This is not a war between Islam and the West," Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt told reporters Sunday, according to TV2. "We will do our outmost to defend our democracy and Denmark."

The Danish leader also released a statement on Facebook:

It is an infinitely sad morning, where we are all thinking about the victims and their families. Two innocent people have lost their lives as a result of a cynical terrorist act against Denmark.

Throughout the day and night, police acted quickly and with precision in order to ensure the safety of citizens. I'm happy and relieved that the police have neutralized the suspected perpetrator behind the two shootings. I will continue to urge all to follow police instructions and be vigilant.

I would like to express my deepest respect for the considerable efforts of the police and other authorities. This applies especially to the injured officers and their colleagues, who selflessly put themselves in danger in order to protect the rest of us.

The Government is following developments closely. No one should get away with attacking an open, free, and democratic society.

Thorning-Schmidt also placed flowers outside the Copenhagen synagogue where one man was killed, and vowed to do everything to protect Denmark's Jewish community.

View this video on YouTube

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British Prime Minister David Cameron released this statement Sunday on the Copenhagen terror attacks:

The shootings in Copenhagen are an appalling attack on free speech and religious freedom. Two innocent people have been murdered simply for their beliefs and my thoughts are with their loved ones and all those injured at this tragic time.

Denmark and Britain are both successful multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracies and we must never allow those values to be damaged by acts of violence like this.

We offer our full support for the Danish Government and Danish people as they deal with these terrible incidents.

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France's interior minister on Sunday visited the scene of Saturday's cafe shooting in Copenhagen.

The cafe had been hosting a debate on free speech and blasphemy, organized in tribute to the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, whose staff were slaughtered by terrorists in early January for publishing images of the Prophet Muhammad.

France's ambassador to Denmark had been among those attending the event, but escaped uninjured.

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve visited the scene as Danish police said the Copenhagen gunman may have been inspired by the Paris attacks.

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Danish police said video surveillance suggests the man they shot near a train station early Sunday carried out the two deadly terror attacks.

"We assume that it's the same culprit behind both incidents, and we also assume that the culprit that was shot by the police task force ... is the person behind both of these assassinations," Chief Police Inspector Torben Molgaard Jensen told a news conference, according to the BBC.

Police do not believe anyone else was involved in Saturday's shooting at a free-speech seminar in a Copenhagen cafe and an attack on the city's main synagogue early Sunday morning. Two people were killed in the attacks, while five police officers were among those injured.

In a statement, police said the man opened fire on police after being confronted at an address in the Nørrebro district. He died at the scene; no officers were injured in the confrontation.

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Police announced Sunday morning that a man shot dead by officers near the Nørrebro train station was responsible for both shootings.

BREAKING: Police say man killed by police believed to be gunman behind 2 shootings in Copenhagen

Police told the Associated Press they did not believe there were other gunmen involved in the attacks. In a press conference, Copenhagen Police Chief Superintendent Torben Mølgaard Jensen said the investigation was ongoing, Denmark's TV2 reported.

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Images from late Saturday and early Sunday showed well-armed police in central Copenhagen, as parts of the city remained on lockdown.

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Police shot a man near the Nørrebro train station Sunday morning. It was not immediately clear if the man was connected to either of the earlier shootings.

#BREAKING: Copenhagen police fire shots near train station, person hit

BREAKING: Copenhagen police say they shoot, kill man who shot at them near train station

According to Denmark's TV2, police shot and killed the man at about 5 a.m.

A statement from police said that investigators were watching an address when the man arrived, TV2 reported. Police tried to speak to the man, but he opened fire. The officers then returned fire and killed the man.

No police were injured in shooting, according to TV2. An investigation was ongoing to see if the man is connected to one or both of the earlier shootings, which left a total of two people dead and several other injured.

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Police said early Sunday morning that one of the three people shot at the Copenhagen synagogue had died.

Police announced the death at a news conference that was carried by local TV.

BREAKING: Police say one of three shooting victims outside Copenhagen synagogue has died.

Police still were not sure Sunday morning if the synagogue shooting was linked to the earlier attack, the AP reported.

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The U.S. condemned Saturday's shooting in a statement from National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan:

The United States condemns today's deplorable shooting in Copenhagen. We offer our condolences to the loved ones of the deceased victim, and our thoughts are with those wounded in this attack. We have been in close contact with our Danish counterparts and stand ready to lend any assistance necessary to the investigation.

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Shots were fired early Sunday morning at a Copenhagen synagogue, according to multiple reports. It was not immediately clear if the shooting was related to the earlier killing at the free-speech event.

#BREAKING Shots fired outside Copenhagen synagogue: report

Police said in a statement that one person was shot in the head, and two police officers were hit in their arms and legs, AFP reported. All three people were injured, the Associated Press reported.

The suspect reportedly fled the scene on foot, according to the AP.

Additional information was not immediately available. A tweet geotagged to Copenhagen showed an armored officer and in Danish said "Policeman wounded and man down in front of the Jewish synagogue":

Politimand såret og mand nede foran Jødisk synagoge.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has also condemned the attack:

I deplore today's #CopenhagenShooting - an unacceptable attack on free speech. My thoughts are with the victims & the Danish people.

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Controversial cartoonist Lars Vilks said he believes he was the target of the terrorist attack.

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Danish police said they are still working hard to track down the suspect.

"We are on high alert and there will be exceptional staff and police presence in Copenhagen all night," senior police inspector Jørgen Skov said in a statement.

"Exploration is also continuing at full stretch in collaboration with [national security agency] PET and the police," he said.

"We currently have no decisive news to tell in relation to the briefing I gave earlier in the evening."

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The Associated Press has released this raw footage from the aftermath of the shooting:

View this video on YouTube

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Femen activist Inna Shevchenko was one of those speaking as part of the blasphemy panel when shots broke out. She tweeted extensively in the following hours.

In some hours will speak about freedom of speech at a panel debates with Lars Vilks in Copenhagen

i ran away with some people though the back door, didn't see anything, heard 20 shots at the entrance to the building of our panel

with me at the room there was Lars Vilks, french ambassador and dozens people from the audience

i didn't see anything, i heard around 20 shots while speaking and then people started to run

the event we were at was protected by police. They were at the entrance of the building. as it is reported now, some of them were shot

I was at the point of ny speech when i was saying that often it is an illusion that we have freedom of speech in Europe.then we heard shots

1/2"We dont have to talk about freeedom of speech, we have to practice it" was the point of my today's speech

2/2 it was interrupted by someone who was practicing his ideology

We are all in police station describing today's attack in #Copenhagen

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France's ambassador to Denmark, François Zimeray, expressed his thanks to the police officers who "saved my life" in the shooting.

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Danish police have released further images of the suspect being sought:

Krudttønden: Hvem er denne mand? To nye foto frigives fra Kildevældsskolen. Ring 114. RT gerne. #politidk

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European Council President Donald Tusk released the following statement on the Copenhagen attack:

Once again Europe is shocked by what appears to be another brutal terrorist attack targeted at our fundamental values and freedoms, including the freedom of expression. On behalf of the European Union, I wish to express our sympathy and support to Denmark and the Danish people in this situation and the victims and their families and relatives. Our determination to fight all kinds of extremism and terrorism is only strengthened by such attacks. This determination was confirmed by all EU leaders at our meeting in Brussels only two days ago. We will press forward with our new agreed priorities in the fight against terrorism. We will face this threat together.

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Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt visited the scene of the shooting late Saturday, and described the incident as a terrorist attack.

"We feel certain now that it was a politically motivated attack, and thereby it was a terrorist attack," she told reporters.

"We are on high alert all over the country."

She also expressed her condolences to the family of those killed and injured.

"I'm so sorry it has happened. This is a cynical act of violence," she said, according to TV2.

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The BBC captured this audio inside the Copenhagen cafe as the shooting started.

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Denmark's PET security agency has released a news release on the shootings.

Everything indicates that the attack was planned, and the circumstances surrounding the shooting indicate that this is a terrorist attack.

PET is now assisting the Copenhagen Police in the investigation of the attack, and we therefore refer to the Copenhagen Police for further details.

The attack confirms that the terrorist threat against Denmark remains serious.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed his outrage at the shootings:

I condemn the shootings in #Copenhagen. #Freespeech must always be protected. My thoughts are with the Danish people.

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Danish police said initial investigations now indicate only one perpetrator was involved in the shooting. They have released the following image of the person being sought:

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One of the cartoonists who helped organize the event, Lars Vilks, was placed on al-Qaeda's most wanted list in 2013 after publishing drawings of the Prophet Muhammad depicted as a dog.

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Danish police have released a description of one of the alleged gunmen.

Krudttønden: Efterlysning af en af gerningsmændene (signalement) #politidk http://t.co/9a72fIWy5c

Police are seeking a man between the ages of 25 and 30 who is 6 feet tall with an athletic build.

Police say he is of Arabic appearance but with fair skin.

The man had covered the lower part of his face with a scarf when he opened fire with a 3-foot machine gun, according to police.

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Danish television station TV2 has been translating a police press conference on the shooting:

Danish police: We don’t know if it was an act of terror. But we investigate the case as a terror case #cphshooting #LarsVilks

Danish Police: The Danish police officers who got shot are not too badly wounded. #cphshooting #LarsVilks

Danish intelligence agency PET: "The circumstances surrounding the shooting indicate that it was a terrorist attack"

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According to Le Monde, the event, titled "Art, blasphemy, and the freedom of expression," had been organized in tribute to the Charlie Hebdo newspaper.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius condemned the Copenhagen shooting as a "terrorist attack," Le Monde reported.

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Danish television station TV2 posted the following video of police outside the Copenhagen venue:

Facebook: video.php
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Danish police said the two gunmen fled the scene in a dark VW Polo following the shooting.

These pictures show the bullet holes in the front window of the Copenhagen venue.

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On Twitter, Copenhagen Mayor Frank Jensen said he was "dismayed and deeply concerned" about the shooting. "My thoughts are with those affected and their relatives," he wrote.

Jeg er forfærdet og dybt berørt over skudepisoden ved Krudttønden. Mine tanker er hos de ramte og deres pårørende.

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Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has also expressed her support to her Copenhagen counterpart.

Au nom des Parisiens, je tiens à exprimer tout mon soutien à @FrankJensenKBH et aux Copenhaguois.

Paris was last month rocked by a deadly attack against the Charlie Hebdo newspaper, known for printing Prophet Muhammad cartoons, as well as a kosher supermarket.

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Gunfire broke out at a Copenhagen cafe on Saturday where a free speech meeting was being held, Danish police confirmed.

One man was killed in the gunfire, and three police officers were hit and injured, police said in a press release.

Another picture of the scene in Copenhagen, bullet holes seen at the door

The event was organized by Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has faced threats for drawing caricatures of Prophet Muhammad. Police confirmed that he was not wounded in the shooting.

The French ambassador was also in attendance, but wrote on Twitter that he was "still alive."

The TV2 channel reported there were around 30 bullet holes in the window of the Krudttoenden cafe where the incident took place, and that at least two people were brought out from the cafe on stretchers.

Police believe there were two gunmen, both of whom fled the scene and were not taken into custody.

Picture: Bullet holes in #Copenhagen at the Free Speech conference via @MagnusBjerg

French President François Hollande said his country stands in solidarity with Denmark, after terrorists launched deadly attacks against the Charlie Hebdo newspaper and a kosher supermarket in Paris last month.

Attentat à #Copenhague : le président @fhollande exprime à Helle Thorning-Schmidt toute la solidarité de la France

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