The Wife Of A Putin Adviser Performed A Holocaust-Themed Ice Skating Routine On TV

Yes, you read that correctly.

There's no easy way to say this, but here's a pair of Russian ice skaters performing a Holocaust-themed routine for a TV show.

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The performance is from a Russian show called Ice Age (basically an ice-skating Dancing With the Stars), which airs on the state-run Channel One network.

On Saturday, the pair performed a dance called "The Beautiful Way," while wearing striped pajamas and the Star of David.

In a post on her Instagram account, Navka called the routine "one of my favourite performances."

Many people were less than impressed with the performance, while some were just baffled.

"Channel One is fucked," this person wrote.

There's mental. There's batshit mental. Then there's a holocaust themed skating performance mental.

When brainstorming ideas for an ice skating routine how, the fuck, do you get to "the holocaust"? Wrong doesn't eve…

"Yesterday during the show on ice Navka danced a concentration camp," this person wrote. "But really this is all too far. Any kind of morality has kicked the bucket."

Вчера на шоу на льду Навка станцевала концлагерь, я не видела реакции твиттерян, а ведь на самом деле ниже этого не…

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