"SNL" Finally Addressed The Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Allegations

The show was criticized last week for not including any references to Weinstein following the first allegations against him.

After being heavily criticized for failing to take on the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations last week, SNL finally took aim at the shamed film producer.

In a sketch about the New York Film Festival, SNL cast members Leslie Jones (as Viola Davis), Cecily Strong (as Marion Cotillard), and Kate McKinnon (as Debette Goldry, a fictional actress) discussed the topic of sexual harassment in Hollywood.

The allegations against Harvey Weinstein prompted a lot of reflection about harassment in Hollywood. #SNL

"Women being harassed is Hollywood, all right? Everything old is new again," McKinnon's character said.

McKinnon also took aim at Weinstein directly.

And then later on, during the "Weekend Update" segment, hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che both made jokes about Weinstein.

"This is a tough spot for a comedian because it's so hard to make jokes about sexual assault," Che said.

You can watch both sketches in full here.

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