These Cows Were Stranded By New Zealand's Earthquake And People Want Them Rescued

Please someone, save the cows!

On Monday, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit New Zealand's South Island, causing extensive damage to towns and cities across the region.

Also placed in a rather uncomfortable situation by the quake was a family of three cows, as this video captured by Newshub shows.

Newshub / Via

The cows were stranded by landslides north of the popular tourist town of Kaikoura, Newshub NZ reported. The video footage was recorded from a helicopter that was surveying the damage.

Local police said they have been forced to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of people first, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

"The priority of the police is to make sure all human lives are safe and we still need to account for all of them yet," police said.

But that hasn't stopped many people on social media from demanding the cows be saved.

Pls dear god someone rescue these #cows via @nzherald

Let's hope someone can figure out a rescue for these cows left stranded in New Zealand earthquake

Ok I will donate to any kickstarter that will rescue these poor sweet stranded cows who's with me #eqnz poor cows 😢 save the moos!!

Many people have been calling for former New Zealand rugby captain Richie McCaw, who also happens to be a commercial pilot, to fly in and rescue the cows.

What happened to the 2 cows & a calf stranded by the #NewZealandQuake. Will Richie McCaw rescue them by helicopter? #EatSleepRugby

All I'm saying is if Richie dsn't get in his chopper & rescue those cows ASAP I'm really gna wonder y we crowned him NZer of the year #eqnz

Richie, it's been done with Poppy the you need to use your chopper to rescue these cows. #eqnz…

Even Jemaine Clement of Flight Of The Conchords added his voice to the call for rescue.

Guys, we gotta go in get these cows!

Update: The cows have now been rescued.

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